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Hannah Petersen


Rate: $110 per visit
Phone: 615-499-6132

Who's Hannah?

We each have a story. One that is unique and complex. Within our stories we can often become stuck - stuck in patterns, stuck in thoughts, stuck in worry, stuck in sadness.

Counseling can be a place to bring our whole story, the parts we treasure, and the parts that keep us stuck. Within the space of counseling we are allowed to interrupt our normal, and often chaotic rhythms, that tether us. We can settle into a time to pause, reflect, and connect with ourselves. It can be a daring gift. A gift that I deeply hope brings meaning and understanding to your story, acceptance of the person you are, ways to get unstuck, and hope within the journey. I get it. Life’s a mess and a wild ride. A safe and quiet place for you to muck through it all is what I hope to offer.

I graduated from John Brown University with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in August 2020. I now hold my license as a Licensed Professional Counselor with the Mental Health Service Provider distinction. In addition, I am an EMDR trained therapist. I have worked with individuals and families for the past 3 years in private, clinical, and school-based settings. My clinical focus is predominantly with adult women and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, spiritual issues, life transitions, relationship difficulties, and trauma.


I view the work of therapy as a client-centered process. Within the process, I incorporate multiple treatment modalities for each client based on their experience. I work to give space for your unique story, all parts of it, to be grappled with and seen

I hope to hear your story, it truly is worthy of being heard and being lived.

Outside of the counseling space, I find myself running often, baking old family desserts, hosting as many people as possible in my home, playing sudoku, and any new game I’ve become fascinated with. My husband and I are low-key obsessed with our dog and take him everywhere. Maybe someday he will make his way into the therapy office, but for
now he is out on hikes, trails, and sunbathing in the backyard.

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