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Second-Saturday Supervision & Training

  • 8AM-Noon each second Saturday of the month

  • Optional attendance

  • Counts toward licensure supervision hours

  • Sharable breakfast foods provided by attendees

  • Portions of trainings will be recorded and archived 


Related Core Value:


          - We engage in ongoing mental health education

          - We supervise and train novice clinicians

          - We maintain a learner mindset regardless of experience

          - We construct wellness resources for colleagues and clients


Six-Month Topic Schedule:

April 9 - Efficient Documentation

May 14 - Solution-Focused Theory and Practice

June 11 - Professional Ethics and Multicultural Factors

July 9 - Credentialing, Licensure, and Certifications  

Aug 13 - Person-of-the-Therapist Best Practices

Sept 10 - Entrepreneurial Principles for Private Practice

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